Physiotherapists are trained to assess, diagnose, treat and prevent disease and disability. They are experts in restoring movement and function, to help you to overcome conditions that you may have been born with, or acquired through the ageing process or even as a result of an accident or injury.

Most people first come to think of physiotherapy as a way to help them overcome some sort of injury or physical ailment that may limit how well you can perform at home, work or on the sporting field. Physiotherapy can help reduce pain, stiffness and increase your mobility and stability. By listening to your needs and setting treatment outcome goals, physiotherapy is a very effective way of not only helping you overcome a problem but also helping you to prevent further injury.

What sort of treatment do physiotherapists use?

Physiotherapists are trained to assess your condition, diagnose the problem, and most importantly help you understand what’s wrong. Your treatment plan will take into account your lifestyle, activities, and general health.

The following are common treatment methods physiotherapists may use:

  • exercise programs to improve mobility and strengthen muscles
  • joint manipulation and mobilisation to reduce pain and stiffness
  • muscle re-education to improve control
  • airway clearance techniques and breathing exercises
  • soft tissue mobilisation (massage)
  • acupuncture
  • hydrotherapy
  • assistance with use of aids, splints, crutches, walking sticks and wheelchairs.

We provide expert physiotherapy services to the North Sydney/North Shore areas.

Who Needs Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can help with a large range of conditions. At North Sydney Sports and Chiropractic, our physiotherapist specialises in Musculoskeletal conditions such as:

  • Back and Neck pain
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Whiplash
  • Sports Injuries
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Work Related Injuries (Workcover NSW accredited Physiotherapist)


If you are not sure if we can help you and your condition, please feel free to contact us to arrange an obligation free, over the phone, pre-consultation appointment.

How Much?

Initial Consult- $135 (45 mins, treatment included)

Ongoing Standard Consult- $90 (20-30 mins)

Extended Consult- $135 (45 mins)

Long Consult $180 (1 hour)

We accept HICAPS, EFTPOS, Credit Card (Mastercard, VISA and AMEX), Cash, Cheque, DVA/ Medicare (EPC referrals), Worker’s Compensation and Third Party Insurance Claims.

All payments are to be finalised on the day.

We also have discounted Pre-pay Packages.


Cameron Hobbs Physiotherapist North Sydney Physio

Cameron Hobbs

Master of Physiotherapy

B App Sc (Exercise and Sport Science)

Member Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)

Cameron joins the team of North Sydney Sports and Chiropractic. With over 5 years of experience as a physiotherapist since obtaining his Masters degree in Physiotherapy and an undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sport Science, Cameron returns to Australia after having spent the last few years living and working alongside a number of London’s top Orthopaedic specialists and Sports Doctors at the London Independent Hospital. Cameron’s interest in sports physio has given him the opportunity to work with sub-elite and elite athletes including members of the Team GB Track & Field team, Gordon Rugby Club, St. Aloysius College First XI football, a former World Snooker Champion, as well as in other sports such as Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Mixed Martial Arts, Cross-Fit, Running, Free-Diving and Swimming.

Cameron’s strength lies in post-operative rehabilitation and acute injury management, with a strong focus on ensuring correct biomechanical patterns are restored. Regardless of whether you are an athlete or weekend warrior, Cameron can tailor a management program to suit your lifestyle and personal goals.

Outside of Physiotherapy, Cameron is a massive Soccer, Ice Hockey and Rugby union fan. However, his first love is Tennis, having spent two years travelling Europe playing tournaments as well as playing in the US College system on a Tennis scholarship.

With his relaxed and friendly approach, you can rest assured that your rehabilitation will not feel like a chore!


What to expect

Our Initial Consultation is 45 mins.

You will need to fill in our Initial Consultation Form. We will ask you for detailed information regarding your condition and also other bits of information that you may not feel relevant, but may certainly important for us to formulate a better understanding of your condition.

Once we have enough information from you, we will perform a physical assessment, which involves a screenings and tests to help us firstly, re-create your pain and secondly, to better understand how or why your problem even exists. This second step is often the most valuable for us (and you), because if we can establish why you are having pain, it helps us to prevent and manage your condition much more effectively.

After this step, we begin treatment.

Our Physio at North Sydney Sports and Chiropractic, WILL ALWAYS TREAT YOU IN YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT.

We use a multimodal approach to treatment. This means we have more ‘tools’ allowing us to approach your condition from more angles. It also means that if you do not like a particular type of treatment, we can vary our approach to suit your needs. As our treatments are safe, gentle and low risk, we can carry out treatment without x-rays or other scans.

Once the first treatment has finished, we will discuss the treatment options or treatment plan, which will outline the best way to approach the management of your condition. This will often outline how many sessions we require to successfully resolve your condition, but also other valuable advice and recommendations to successfully prevent your problem from coming back, like stretching and strengthening exercises for example.

This is an important step, as we have found in our experience, that without a treatment plan, you will often end up back with the same problem/pain within a few months.

For complex cases, at this point we may even suggest scans or tests (X-Ray, MRI, CT or Ultrasound) or even refer you to another Specialist or Allied Health Professional (Chiropractor, Podiatrist, Exercise Physiologist, Psychologist, Dietician etc.) for co-management of your condition.