I won’t take my kids to see a Chiropractor

 “I won’t take my kids to see a Chiropractor!”  These were the words of a mother, I was talking to at a social function a few weekends ago. I wasn’t really surprised to hear this, as it is something I hear all the time.

I let the mother continue to explain why she thought kids don’t need to see a chiropractor.  She came up with “they don’t have any pain, they’re too young to have problems!”

As this is something I hear on a regular basis, I’d thought I’d share with you some of the insight I offered the mother.

Before I continue, you may have even seen some reports in the media recently regarding chiropractors treating children. To be completely clear about this, I would never treat a child for anything other than a musculo-skeletal condition, as that is what our university training has prepared us for. Although there is a glimmer of evidence that chiropractic can help with other conditions such as colic, asthma or even bedwetting, it is something that I do not even attempt to manage as a practitioner due to the low level of research evidence supporting the treatment of these conditions.

So the above considered….

Why would you take your kids to a chiropractor?      

  • Injury Prevention

Some painful conditions like neck and low back pain do not always arise from a single event (i.e. accident). Rather they are a result of an accumulative process that you or your child may experience on a daily basis, such as using mobile phones. We suggest prevention through early intervention.

  • No Pain = No Problem?

The absence of pain does not always indicate an absence of a problem. The problem is the change of function, which eventually leads to pain. For example, years of slouching that results in poor posture then eventually to headaches.

  • To instil a ‘prevention is better than cure’ mentality

This is most important for young aspiring athletes, as injuries that become chronic can put a halt to any aspirations of being a successful sportsperson. This is a good attitude for any young person to practice.

  • Education about their body

A good place to learn about how their body functions and how to look after painful conditions i.e. stretching and exercises.

  • Support your child’s physical and functional development

As a child develops, their ability to move well will determine how their musculo-skeletal system and the rest of their body functions.

So as you can see, taking your child to see a chiropractor is more than just about treating pain. In fact, having your child seen while they are not in pain gives the practitioner more insight into their true function, rather than seeing them in an altered state of pain. More so, taking your child to see a chiropractor is a step towards teaching them about healthy practices that they can utilise for the rest of their life.

Do your children need to see a Chiropractor? Until 18th of July, we are offering all children a GAP FREE Chiropractic Consultation.  Spots are limited during school holidays so we kindly ask that you call our office via (02) 9955-5110 to secure your consultation.