The Lingering effects of Ankle Sprains

Blog Author Name |17th May 2018

Ankle Sprains By Dan Gartner and Andrew Lim   Everyone has experienced an ankle sprain before. But what exactly happens when you sprain your ankle and what could be the lingering effects? Read more to find out.   An ankle sprain is an injury of the ligaments of the ankle. Ligaments are like ropes that join bone to bone and hold the joint together in a stable and functional position. Their role is to restrict potentially damaging excessive movements of the bones and soft tissues of the joint.   Ankle sprains are a common injury, especially in the sporting population but not exclusively. They are ...

The truth about Junior Tennis

Blog Author Name |19th April 2017

This Easter, once again our team at North Sydney Sports and Chiropractic were providing treatment to the players of the North Shore Open, a NSTA hosted tennis tournament. This is the 7th year we have been associated with the tournament, and like other years, there were plenty of sore bodies to work on! The tournament attracts some of Australia’s top players as well as some internationals. The number 1 seeded man and woman were Australia’s 22nd ranked male, Dane ...

This may explain why you constantly have poor posture.

Blog Author Name |14th February 2017

One of the most basic body functions that is often overlooked or considered is breathing. Why is breathing so important? How do you assess your breathing? What problems do poor breathing habits result in? Read on as Scott Bessant our new chiropractor and breathing expert will answer all these questions.   Why is correct breathing so important? 1. Oxygen It might seem obvious, but the primary benefit of breathing is of course, oxygen. Oxygen has the very inviting side effect of keeping us alive but it also plays a vital role in keeping the chemistry of our body balanced. When we have a full and correct expansion of our lungs, there is a ...

Sick of Injuries?

Blog Author Name |7th February 2017

Sick of Injuries? Injuries suck. There is never a good time to get injured. Not being able to sit, bend, twist, work or exercise on a day to day basis can be quite inconvenient. Not to mention the pain of it all. The truth is the average person can't predict when an injury is going to happen. For most people, pain is often the first sign that something is injured, which is often too late. This being the case, we suggest not waiting for an injury to happen to do something about it. This is what is called PREHAB- exercise used as a preventative measure, as opposed to REHAB- exercise designed to rehabilitate an injury. Another way to look at...

Australian Open 2017 Wrap-up

Blog Author Name |6th February 2017

Wow! What an Australian Open. This year's Oz Open was memorable on many different levels. The resurgence of the single hand backhand, seeing some promising young Aussies do well on both women's and men's draws (notably Ash Barty, Daria Gavrilova and Sydney-sider and Davis Cup debutant Jordan Thompson just to name a few). For me the standout of the tournament was seeing the great Roger Federer taking this year's crown (at the ripe old age of 35 years old) from a 32 year old and much favoured Nadal. Likewise on the women's side, Serena and Venus playing in a grand slam final at 35 and 36 years of age respectively. Let's not forget to mention a 34 year old Lucic-Baroni mak...