What is Sports Chiropractic?

When we talk about ‘optimal performance’, it’s easy to relate this term to an elite athlete or sports person. They both need to be moving and functioning as well as possible to get the best performance outcome on the field. But who else needs to have optimal performance? Well all of us could function and move a little better to perform everyday tasks effortlessly and without any limitations. That is why our approach to healthcare a t North Sydney Sports and Chiropractic is more than just treating your aches and pains. We believe that fitness and how well you move are a good way to measure your health.

Sports Chiropractic is a style of Chiropractic that looks at more than just the alignment of your spine. Sports Chiropractors are trained at optimising your performance on and off the field by ensuring that your musculo-skeletal system is functioning at its best. And NO – you do not have to be a sportsman or an athlete to reap the rewards from sports chiropractic. Anyone and everyone will benefit from moving and functioning better.

More than just pain relief.

Most people come to us because they are in pain. We are very good at getting you out of pain. However, our work is not finished at this point. It is important to understand why you are in pain to begin with. Our comprehensive functional assessment SFMA will give you a better understanding of WHY your pain has come about. Quite often a limitation in your movement has resulted another muscle or joint over compensating, resulting in pain. So to correct the limitation in your movement, is to treat the cause of the pain.

Once you get over the aches and pains that are stopping you from doing what you do best, consider working on your fitness and mobility of your tissues to ensure that you are functioning at your optimal levels.

What now?

Your first step is to have one of our team perform a movement assessment on you to work out how functional you are. We use the FMS Functional Movement Screen to assess how well you move.

Next, have a plan created for you as to how to address any movement dysfunctions you may have. This may involve some manual therapy i.e. soft tissue release/ART, massage, joint manipulations and mobilisation, and more often than not specific corrective exercises.

Over the next few weeks to months, we monitor your progress to make sure you are on track to correcting your movement dysfunctions. It is important to maintain on the course of the plan if you want optimal results as the changes in your movements will occur when you can repeat the corrective movements over and over again over a period of a few months.

Move Better. Feel Better. Perform Better.

If you would like us to help you achieve optimal performance on and off the field, make an appointment today with one of our qualified movement specialists or if you like to talk to one of our team at North Sydney Sports and Chiropractic, give our office a call 9955-5110.