The Little Known Benefits of Exercise

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Running. When Less is More.

Blog Author Name | 19th June 2024

So it’s that time of the year, another City2Surf passes by and the Sydney Running Festival on this weekend. Training is supposed to be a long, hard slog right? Our team at NSSC explains why this doesn’t have to be the case… The concept of training for an endurance race has always been to progressively overload your training, such that you start with short distances and gradually progress as you feel more comfortable. From a training perspective, this approach still holds true. This is assuming that one’s biomechanics are sound. Deficits in the stability of the hip, knee or ankle will place load elsewhere along the biomechanical chain. Take the two images below f...

Tour de Knee Pain

Blog Author Name | 19th June 2024

Why some cyclists get more knee pain than others. So the Tour De France is in full gear and you've noticed you haven't been able to shake that uncomfortable knee ache when you're out on the bike. Chances are, you've got Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome (ITBFS) and probably haven't been managing it appropriately! Our resident Physio (Cameron) and Exercise Physiologist (Josh) have joined forces to explain the nature of ITBFS and how to manage it in the short and long term. So what is ITBFS? Anatomically speaking, the Iliotibial Band (ITB) is a long piece of connective tissue that runs from the hip to a bony poi...

I won’t take my kids to see a Chiropractor

Blog Author Name | 19th June 2024

 “I won’t take my kids to see a Chiropractor!”  These were the words of a mother, I was talking to at a social function a few weekends ago. I wasn’t really surprised to hear this, as it is something I hear all the time. I let the mother continue to explain why she thought kids don’t need to see a chiropractor.  She came up with “they don’t have any pain, they’re too young to have problems!” As this is something I hear on a regular basis, I’d thought I’d share with you some of the insight I offered the mother. Before I continue, you may have even seen some reports in the media recently regarding ...

What is Sports Chiropractic?

Blog Author Name | 19th June 2024

When we talk about 'optimal performance', it's easy to relate this term to an elite athlete or sports person. They both need to be moving and functioning as well as possible to get the best performance outcome on the field. But who else needs to have optimal performance? Well all of us could function and move a little better to perform everyday tasks effortlessly and without any limitations. That is why our approach to healthcare a t North Sydney Sports and Chiropractic is more than just treating your aches and pains. We believe that fitness and how well you move are a good way to measure your health. Sports Chiropractic is a style of Chiropractic that l...

10 week Yoga Course at NSSC

Blog Author Name | 19th June 2024

Yoga is the physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline that aims to transform body and mind. NSSC is running the next yoga course starting the week of 20th April 2015. The course will be run over 10 weeks, with classes taking place on Monday and Thursday mornings. We are lucky enough to have found Maddy, who will be teaching the course. The Details Classes run Monday and Thursday mornings from 7:15am to approx. 8:15am. Classes will be held in our exercise room in our practice. Starting on the week of 20th April and finishing on the week 22nd June. Cost is $17 for individual classes, $150 for 10 cl...